Friday faves | 03.07.15

Friday faves | 03.07.15

friday faves 03.07.15

Last week’s flowers have become much tamer haven’t they? Still pretty, but I miss feeling like my studio had been transformed into a tropical paradise. Ah well, this might be the kick in the butt that I need to start working more on my backyard – if I can turn it into a mini jungle then I’ll always be surrounded by ferns and flowers. 😉

This weekend promises to be quiet one – I’m looking forward to doing a little shopping, a little eating and catching up with good friends. I hope you’ve got some lovely things planned for the days ahead… have a good one guys!

  • ART – The shapes, colours and gravity defying arrangements in these photos are mesmerising.
  • EAT – I got drawn in by the story and then even more captivated by the images and recipes.
  • WANTED – Who else feels the urge to fall face first into these pillows?
  • WEARMarble and white and classy as all get out
  • STYLE – Love the simplicity of this bag
  • MAKE – I would never have thought to do this with foam. Genius.
  • RECAP – Looking for a little something to brighten your desktop? This plant pot wallpaper might be just the ticket!

xx Steph

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