Tropical wallpaper for Homey Oh My

Tropical wallpaper for Homey Oh My

Tropical wallpaper for Homey Oh My

I think it’s official, I’m addicted to all things tropical. This is as hardcore as it gets for me folks – I don’t do drugs, smoke or gamble but put a palm frond in front of me and all bets are off. I’m working hard to get my summer cravings under control, but as you can see progress is slow and in the meantime all manner of tropical motifs are running rampant around the blog.

And lucky for you, today they come in the form of free downloads!


I’m thrilled to be sharing this desktop and iPad wallpaper over on Homey Oh My – Amy is a wonderful friend and a true DIY genius and I jump at any chance to be able to share a project over on her beautiful blog. If you’re into summer patterns and tropical foliage make sure you head on over for these downloads (and don’t forget to check out her amazing DIY projects while you’re over there!).

Also, let me know how you go with the iPad wallpaper; it’s the first time I’ve created one and if you like it, I might just include it in future ‘Deck your Desktop’ posts – what do you think?

xx Steph

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