Coffee helps printable wall art

Coffee helps printable wall art

Life happens coffee helps free printable wall art

Fun fact: I don’t drink morning coffees. I can’t really tell you why; after all, I’m well aware the purpose of a coffee is to wake you up and get you feeling more like your normal self after a way-too-early morning start. Nevertheless, they just aren’t my thing. Does this make me weird?

Afternoon coffees on the other hand… now that I can totally get behind. Just picture it – you’ve reached the middle of the day, all that morning energy has been spent and you’re going cross-eyed after a lunchtime food coma. Then boom! Heaven in a cup. With a side of brownie for that extra sugar rush (I know, I’m terrible).

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Life happens coffee helps free printable wall art

Whether you’re a morning or afternoon coffee drinker (or both!), I’m sure you’ll relate to this wall art, which has fast become my life motto. And if you’re a tea-only drinker, that’s okay, we can still be friends. Heck, I’ll even join you for morning tea before heading out for coffee in the arvo. 😉


Life happens coffee helps printable wall art
(free for personal use only)

xx Steph

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