A little announcement!

A little announcement!

A little announcement!

You know what’s been far and away the hardest thing for me over the last few months? Writing posts for the blog while keeping the biggest news of my life a secret from you guys!

I was itching to tell you as soon as I found out we’re pregnant, but you know how this stuff goes. Anything can happen during the first trimester and after seeing a number of my friends go through miscarriages, I didn’t want to announce anything too soon.

So I held in my big secret and kept my mouth shut. Just.

It was harrrrrd guys. But now I can FINALLY tell you all the details about the little girl we’re expecting!!

A little announcement!

One thing that’s taken me by surprise so far is how much I’ve liked being pregnant. I know right, go figure! To be fair, it’s really been an easy pregnancy; no vomiting, nausea only during the first trimester and now that we’ve hit 22 weeks, there’s been nothing really to complain about at all.

What I’ve loved most is how interesting pregnancy has been. I’ve gotten to see my body change very rapidly in the space of mere months, which has been fascinating!

Here’s some of the things that have stood out for me so far about being pregnant and expecting our first child:

  • The food aversions get weird

    No joke. I mean, I’m asian. Third generation out sure, but I still grew up eating good helpings of rice, stir fries and dumplings. Then once I got pregnant, BOOM, suddenly I couldn’t stand any asian food anymore. What’s a Chinese girl to do?

  • Superpowers aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

    I developed a killer sense of smell during my first trimester that I’d totally have considered a superpower except that it brought nothing but grief. Did you know bathroom soap could be nauseating? Yeah, neither did I.

  • I love being kicked

    We started feeling kicks at 16 weeks and since then, our little girl hasn’t stopped moving about in there. I swear she never sleeps! I’ve already mapped out career paths for her as martial arts olympian or kick boxing instructor (kidding).

  • Tiredness has taken on a whole new meaning

    Here I thought I was pretty good at the whole siesta thing, but the old me had nothing on the pregnant me when it comes to napping. I’ve never known tiredness like first trimester tiredness.

  • I’ve used every public bathroom in the Sydney metro area

    Truly. And this is from the girl who could go a whole 7 hour work day without peeing once if needed. I tell ya, becoming a veritable waterfall has been a total shock to the system!

A little announcement!

Aside from all the physical changes that come with being pregnant, mostly we’re trying to prep for the days ahead when it won’t just be the two of us. I won’t lie, the thought scares me a teeny, tiny bit – I’m used to my independence so it’s going to take quite a bit of adjustment. But I’m also just really excited about the arrival of our little girl, which kind of trumps all the other fears.

She’s due in late May and now that I can talk freely about it, you can bet I’ll be keeping you updated with details as the months go by. I guess you’ll be along for the ride whether you like it or not haha!

Have you got your own story about being pregnant? Please share in the comments below – as a first time mother, I appreciate all the advice and stories I can get!

xx Steph

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