DIY rainbow gem soap party favours for Etsy

DIY rainbow gem soaps - Make and Tell for Etsy

Party favours are a lovely, thoughtful way to end a big bash. But if you’re on a budget, the cost of buying them can add up. And sometimes even the most well-intentioned trinkets get tossed aside if your guests can’t find a use for them, which is a real shame!

One easy way to ensure your favours are a hit is to make your gifts instead of buying them. This way, you can whip up something you know your guests will find useful, AND you can tailor your favours to fit the theme of your party. Win win!

DIY rainbow gem soaps - Make and Tell for Etsy

I partnered with the team at Etsy this week to craft these little soaps gems as a fun gift you can give out at your next soiree. And with the vast array of supplies I found on the Etsy site, it was oh so easy to DIY my way to pretty, functional party treats in no time.

Hop on over to the Etsy Journal for the full tutorial, and wow your guests with your crafting skills!

xx Steph

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