DIY leather pendants for Curbly

DIY leather pendant necklaces - Make and Tell for Curbly

Someone please tell me how it’s almost the end of August? That can’t be right. The first cherry blossoms have bloomed in our backyard and the weather’s getting warmer every day… but surely it was the middle of winter only last week?!

Clearly I’m in denial about the crazy passing of time (nothing new there). But I tell you what I’m a-okay with – the fact that it’s the end of the month means it’s also my birthday next week! 😉

DIY leather pendant necklaces - Make and Tell for Curbly

And since I’m still on a stay-at-home-mum budget, I’m treating myself the DIY way, with some pretty new handmade necklaces. This is craft at its best folks – all you need are some very basic jewellery findings and a few leather scraps to make a pendant that you’d pay way more for if you bought it from a store.

Want in on the fun? Head to Curbly for the full how-to!

xx Steph

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