DIY kits from Hammered Leatherworks + a giveaway!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Read on to the end of the post for your chance to WIN $100 gift card to spend on your very own leather DIY kit! — GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED —

Like practically every DIY girl on the block, leather has fast become one of my favourite materials to craft with. It’s easy to use, comes in an array of gorgeous colours and textures, and best of all, the finished product is so luxurious.

I’ve been meaning to include leather in more of my DIYs lately but with the holidays approaching and a stack of projects already on the go, there wasn’t any space to fit it into my schedule. And then I found the Hammered Leatherworks site and I was smitten.

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Before we go any further, I’m going to manage expectations by making it clear that I’m the world’s worst sewer… I think at one point I even broke a sewing machine in one of my high school textile classes! Sharp objects and I don’t mix, and that’s pretty much why you never see sewing tutorials on the blog.

So despite how thrilled I might have been when I was browsing through all the lovely kits on the Hammered Leatherworks site, I was kind of nervous when the kit finally arrived on my doorstep. Because even though I knew it had been crafted for beginners like me, I had this sinking feeling that I was going to utterly stuff this up.

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

My fears were mildly alleviated when I pulled the kit from its post satchel. It was beautifully packaged, and every last detail has been well considered, from thoughtfully labelled box that displayed the contents and colour of the leather I chose, all the way down to the tiny rings and buttons that were enclosed in an envelope labelled ‘all the small things’. The instructions even came sealed with wax!

Yep, the stationery nerd in me appreciated the packaging very much, but I still couldn’t help staring at those holes thinking ahhh, I don’t know what I’m doing!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

After dutifully reading the instructions and watching the online video tutorials I gathered my tools (and my nerves)… and started stitching. And right at that point was where all my worry about wrecking this beautiful piece of leather melted away. Me, the sewing disaster, was happily threading the needle up, down, up, down through all the holes and wouldn’t you know, it was heaps of fun! Very therapeutic too; the afternoon that I spent stitching my bag together was the most peaceful afternoon I’ve had in a long time.

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

The part I liked most (aside from the quality of the materials, which are spectacular by the way) was that even though my stitches probably weren’t perfect, my bag still turned out beautifully. The instructions are comprehensive and the design is so well thought out that it was easy to see which part went where; even a beginner like me had no problems following along.

I’d definitely advise watching the online tutorials before you start though. There wasn’t one for my particular bag, but the video on saddle stitching was invaluable for getting me started.

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!

Hammered Leatherworks DIY kits + giveaway!


I enjoyed making my bag so much that I wanted to share the love and guess what? Hammered Leatherworks are giving away a $100 (AUD) gift card to buy any item(s) from their online shop!


  1. Visit Hammered Leatherworks and choose your favourite product.
  2. Leave a comment below to let us know why it’s your favourite and how you plan to use it!

This giveaway is open to both Australian and international readers and will run from November 4th 2015 at 8AM AEST to November 13th at 12AM AEST. The entrant with the most creative answer will be selected as the winner and will be notified via email on November 16th 2015. For more details, see the full Terms and Conditions. —  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED. The winner is Amelia Robinson!  —

Oh, and don’t be sad if you’re not the lucky winner; you can still partake in all the leatherworking fun by using coupon code “MAKEANDTELL10” to get 10% off all products in the Hammered Leatherworks store! (coupon code valid to 4th December 2015)

xx Steph

A little note: The kit for this post and voucher for the giveaway were graciously supplied by Hammered Leatherworks. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the organisations that support Make and Tell.

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  • Stephanie, this is I love everything on their site (even the wallet for the husband), but my favorite is the Zip Front Bag kit in black.

    I need a bag that doesn’t scream, “EVERYONE GIVE ME YOUR CRAP TO CARRY!” and I believe I’ve finally found it.

    Just big enough for my keys, phone, and lip gloss. Just small enough to give the resting b-face to anyone who wants me to tote around their stuff.

  • The Just Stitch It kit for the travel wallet is the bomb! Have just taken up sewing recently and would love to try my hand at this little beauty. Once I’ve stitched it – it’s coming with me on my adventure over the Christmas holidays!

  • Love the zip front bag. Would use it for a night out when I don’t have to carry too many items!! It would be perfect.

  • Either the everyday tote or the zip front bag. As I am due at Christmas to give birth and already have an 17 month old any way to carry out needs is wonderful and zips to keep my items safe are perfect

  • This is such a COOL giveaway! Thanks Stephanie for sharing!

    My absolute favorite Hammered Leatherworks item is the Everyday Satchel! It’s stunning – a strikingly simple design! I can’t decide which one I like better – the black or the natural color. It is so versatile – I can see myself using it everyday! It looks so easy to grab and go for a quick brunch with friends, grocery shopping, date night, and more! It also makes the perfect travel bag for all of my essentials (passport, chargers, headphones, snacks – of course!) It is the perfect size – not too big and not too small. It like a woman’s best friend! I already see myself pairing it with outfits in my closet – very Pinterest worthy.

  • I love the black zip front bag! I have never really tried anything DIY, but I have always been interested in trying. This would be a great start!

  • How cute is the pouchette! It’s my favorite for sure and I’d love to put in it my business cards and those little papers with some important information that we always have lost in the bag 😀
    Can you imagine that pouchette in color neutral? Ohhh I’m in love with it!

  • Oooh I’ve been really obsessed with all things leatherwork lately! This is such a fun idea getting to have some hand in making your own product and generally just having a better idea of the effort involved in the stuff you buy. I am torn between the pouchette and the (very well named) everyday tote – maybe I can put the pouch holding all my little bits inside the tote?

  • Steph are we soul sisters? first it was the terracotta and now sewing machine. I must say sewing machines are a nightmare. I really love the tan bag that you made and I would use it when I just need a few essentials to go with because it’s quite inconvenient carrying a big bag around and not to mention the weight of it giving me a hard time!

  • That long wallet looks fab to me! I’m a sucker for a pretty wallet, and what could be better than one you’ve made yourself? Just look at all the spaces for cards – so practical!

  • My favourite is the zipfront bag in black. I’m in the process of paring back my belongings so that I only own things that are beautiful or functional, and are designed to last. This bag ticks all the boxes!

  • The Zip Front Bag would be my pick. Why do I need it, you ask? Well, it would mean a lot more than just a bag to wear! I’m going traveling solo in Southeast Asia for 4 month coming this January. (EEK!). I’ve never backpacked, I’ve never travelled on my own, and I’m nervous for many things but overall, I’m excited the most. In my endless list of to do’s— travel insurance? pending. vaccines? appointment scheduled. airfare? painstakingly purchased. Backpacking gear? got it. Deciding on small, minimal purse for nights out that’s not too flash to attract potential pickpocketers but high-quality enough that I will be able to wear nightly? found it! Your bag is it, my friends! The front zip bag would be my comfort object through my journey and I’d be honored to call my travel partner. xox.

  • I looooove the black pencil case! It’s so sleek and posh ? I’d use it to tote around my crochet hook, cable needle and a mini hank of lightweight yarn – basically my knitting lifesavers on my daily commute! Right now, my cable needle invariably pokes itself through my project bag and jabs me any chance it gets. I’d love to give it a proper home ?

  • My post is no different from the begin with. Firstly alike everyone else has already stated; this is a fantastic giveaway and thank you for the opportunity to win.

    After much deliberation, my favourite item would have to be the everyday satchel. I find it quite ironic how at one time a satchel was the “in thing” and then when I was at college, it was “totally not the in thing”. I have to say however, they are coming back into fashion faster than you can say “DIY PROJECTS- Hammered leather products and giveaway” and I am not surprised if we are going on the basis of this beautiful bag.
    For me, I am in a specialised eating disorder hospital; I have been for four months and it is extremely boring as there is only so much television you can watch and only so many things you can do on your mobile. So perhaps I’m being a little old fashioned, but to create something by hand would be a fantastic time passer and distraction from the issues around me yet also would give me a real sense of achievement when the product is complete.
    I have recently taken a liking to crocheting and knitting (goodness I am 18- honest!) and it is nice to do something by hand and once it is complete it will be totally unique and have a real sentimental value. Not only that, my aim is to be able to go home for Christmas Day and spend it with my family and I would love to show off my new bag and tell them their daughter has transformed into a DIY domestic goddess. It would be a blessing:)

  • I would LOVE the Everyday Tote! I would use it as normal my everyday bag, but also as my carry on luggage, I travel interstate every weekend to visit my partner who is going to uni in another city, and a great bag that transitions between airplanes and normal life is just what I need! My current bag is on its very last legs so this would be perfect timing!
    And we’ve recerntly started a ‘no screen time after 7pm’ rule to try and curb our obsessive technology use, and we are always looking for awesome new games and crafty projects to do together at night and this looks amazing!

  • My favourite is the gorgeous Zip Front Bag.

    Having recently bit the bullet and gone freelance I am having to adjust to the daily commute (train, tube and a walk) with a rucksack to carry my laptop and notebooks around in, though very practical and best for my back (not getting any younger!) it is not very glamorous and makes me feel like a little girl on my way to school again!

    The zip front bag would be perfect to carry my wallet, phone, keys and glasses in making them easily accessible and not adding the extra bulk of an additional bag to carry but neatly wear across the body – it is perfect (and much more sophisticated than getting my wallet out of my rucksack each time!)

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this fab competition!