Printable June 2017 geometric calendar - free with this month's newsletter!

Newsletter freebie – June 2017 calendar

Aaaaand just like that, it’s the middle of the year. Strangely for me, time has felt both fast and slow lately – I can’t believe it’s already June, but at the same time the days seem to draaaaag on as we wait for bubs to make an appearance. Now that I’m on maternity leave, I’ve tried to […]

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Printable May 2017 floral calendar - free with this month's newsletter!

Newsletter freebie – May 2017 calendar

May is right around the corner, and with it comes Mother’s Day. My first one as a mama-to-be can you believe it? Writing that feels so strange – evidently reality hasn’t quite hit yet, but I’m excited nevertheless and pumped to get in on some of the Mother’s Day action. And since we know mums […]

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Printable March 2017 rainbow calendar

Newsletter freebie – March 2017 calendar

Here’s a fun fact. I’m typing this post 2 weeks in advance as I sit in 40°C (104°F) Aussie summer heat, knowing full well that by the time you read this I’ll be in Japan, playing about in the freezing snow. AND I themed today’s printable around the colourful, rainy autumn conditions I expect to return to when we get […]

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Grocery list printable - free with this month's newsletter!

Newsletter freebie – grocery list printable

Is everyone still getting themselves organised for the new year or are you over caring now that February’s rolled around? It may already be the second month of the year (eek where has the time gone?) but I’ve still got my head firmly in the ‘get life sorted’ game. And while it sounds like a trivial […]

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Printable February 2017 kisses calendar

Newsletter freebie – February 2017 calendar

The month of lurrrve is here and while I don’t usually go in for all that sappy Valentine’s Day stuff, this year I couldn’t resist embracing them traditional Valentine’s colours. You know what I’m like lately – when those pretty shades of pink call, I just. can’t. say. no. And I didn’t stop there either, […]

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Weekly goal planner printable - free with this month's newsletter!

Newsletter freebie – weekly goal setting printable

How’s everyone finding 2017 so far? I’m feeling pretty positive about the year ahead, but after spending much of 2016 practicing the art of living slow, I’m totally ready to start ramping things up a bit and kicking some serious business butt in the coming months! And while most people tend to set their goals in January, as […]

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