It's birthday month!

It's birthday month!

a month of birthdays

Do you ever have one of those months where EVERYONE seems to be having their birthdays? Well that’s this month for me. Which is usually pretty neat (hello cake and parties!) but this week I’ve found myself organising not one, not two, but three birthday bashes and it’s getting just a tad stressful!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I HATE event planning? Uh huh. I’m terrible at taking charge and making decisions so this is an area that I usually avoid like the plague.

But I adore the people I’m planning for (one of them is my dad!) and that definitely makes the stress worthwhile. Plus, they say that outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens right? Well regardless, I’m being optimistic and hoping that the magic makes an appearance at the shindigs I have planned. Ha, and with the use of words like ‘shindig’, you can just tell that I plan the coolest of cool events! 😀

Wish me luck with the planning and I hope you’ve got something fab lined up for the weekend ahead!

xx Steph

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