Edible gold leaf

Edible gold leaf

edible gold leaf

Edible and gold? Yes please! Gold leaf (and especially the edible kind) intrigues me no end – maybe because I haven’t had a chance to use it much so the whole process of crafting with it is fascinating.

You should have seen me trying to take this photo – I’d hold my breath, take the shot, then breathe out a sigh of relief that I hadn’t mucked it up. And of course my sigh of relief made the gold leaf fold over on itself, at which point I grinned like a mad woman because of the challenge of it all. Go figure!

There are a few edible gold leaf projects I’ve been crushing on lately and they’re all SO tasty. I can’t wait to show you my own (tune in tomorrow!), but in the meantime, these will whet your appetite:

  • Drool-worthy gold leaf ice cream sandwiches. Brilliant idea!
  • I didn’t think macarons could get any better than they already are. Then I saw these!
  • What a pretty way to decorate easter eggs. I’ll have to remember to try this next time Easter rolls around

xx Steph

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