Printable punny Christmas cards for Curbly

Printable punny Christmas cards for Curbly

Can you believe there’s only 10 days ’til Christmas?! I know I say this every year, but how on earth did December fly by so fast?

In a somewhat miraculous turn of events, I managed to get all my gifts bought and wrapped by the first week of this month (something that’s completely unheard of in this household).

But true to form, I’m waaaaay behind on writing and sending out my Christmas cards. You win some, you lose some right?

If like me, you’re a bit late with your festive greetings this year, never fear – I’ve got the perfect printable ready and waiting to help you along. And it’s bound to be a big hit if you’ve got any dad-joke-loving friends or family members in your crew!

Hop on over to the Curbly website for the free file and have fun wishing your nearest and dearest ‘Fleece Navidad’! 😉

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