Chalkboard painted spice jars

Chalkboard painted spice jars


There are a ton of things in my kitchen that require a bit of a makeover. Not just small things either – last year I managed to pull the pantry door off its hinges and onto my head. And to this day it remains unfixed (the pantry door, not my head – although I suppose that’s debatable really).

Anyhow, as much as the pantry door (or lack thereof) pains me, I thought I’d start by tackling something small and giving my spice jars some attention. And after you’ve seen how truly easy this DIY is, you might decide to do the same thing! If that’s the case, just follow along below for a simple and pretty kitchen project…



Step 1

Give your jars a good wash and once they’re dry, mark out a triangle at the bottom of the jar using your painter’s tape.


Step 2

Fill in the triangle with your glass chalkboard paint. Don’t be too alarmed if you can see your brush strokes as you paint – you’ll need to do this several times so that you have two or three coats, and by the time you’ve done your third coat, all the streaks will be gone.


Step 3

Once you’ve done two or three coats on one side of the jar, flip it over and repeat steps 1 to 2 on the other side. Then when everything’s dry, peel off the painter’s tape.


Step 4

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to cure your paint. For me, this involved waiting 4 days for the paint to dry (I know right, that’s AGES), and then firing it in the oven.

And there you have it – spiffy jars that’ll really jazz up your spices!



Oh, and guess what else? Painting triangles on two sides of each jar wasn’t just for the fun of it – it’s so you can write the name of the spice on one side, and the expiry date on the other.


There you go, they’re good looking and functional. Now go forth and spice up your life!

xx Steph

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