Printable under the sea straws

Printable under the sea straws

Printable under the sea straws

Hands up if you wanted to be a mermaid as a kid? I wanted it bad… to the point where it used to occupy my dreams at night and I’d wake up in the morning after partying the wee hours away in dreamland with my imaginary fish friends only to be greeted by the sobering fact that I still had legs and not fins.

(If at this point you think I’m joking, I swear this is the truth. The only things I wanted more than to be a mermaid was to be a princess and to get my ears pierced. I used to dream about those things too, but that’s a story for another day). 😉

Printable under the sea straws

Suffice to say I never made good on my ambitions to become a mermaid. But I did retain my soft spot for all aquatic critters and so after watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time the other day, I thought it was high time I brought that love to the blog with an ‘under the sea’ printable!

Printable under the sea straws

These straws are SO easy to make and they’re perfect dressing up your drinks if you’re hosting a beach or ocean-themed party. They’re also a great project to make if you’ve got some little ‘mermaids-in-training’ (i.e. sea lovin’ kidlets) – they can help with the assembly and use any leftover shapes in play!


  • Under the sea printable (see the end of this post to download)
  • White A4 card
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Straws


Step 1

Download the ‘Under the sea’ straw printable (at the end of this post), print it out onto white A4 card and cut out each of the marine shapes using the dashed lines as a guide.


Step 2

Flip each shape over, place a straw on top and tape the two together.

Printable under the sea straws

Aaaand your’e done! It doesn’t get easier than that right?

Printable under the sea straws

Printable under the sea straws

Although I’ve done this project up as a drinks DIY, don’t forget that these straw toppers are just cardboard shapes and you can use them for pretty much anything.

For example, attach them to skewers instead of straws for instantly pretty seaside cake toppers. Or try printing the file onto A4 label paper and use the shapes as stickers for your kids, or as envelope seals for your next letter writing session. The possibilities are endless!

Printable under the sea straws

Oh and one more thing – a wise reader recently asked if I could include a black and white version of my printables so they can print it onto coloured card that they had at home. See, this is why I love you guys, you’re so smart!

I’ve taken this advice on board and included a black and white page at the end of the file… simply print that page out (instead of the pastel coloured ocean shapes) if you have a specific colour of card you’d like to use for your straws.


Printable Under the Sea straws template

xx Steph

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