Printable garden planner for Curbly

Printable garden planner for Curbly


We’re all pretty familiar by now with how bad I am at keeping plants alive yes? But I still love gardening A LOT, so I decided something needed to be done to get my act together and get my plants thriving (or at least surviving… baby steps!).

And that something is… a garden planner! Truth be told, I should probably just remember to water my plants as a first port of call, but with this garden planner I’ll be waaaay more on top of what’s happening in the lives of my leafy friends.


Regardless of whether you’re like me and have an incurable brown thumb or whether you’re a gardening whiz, this planner will help get things sorted in your little portion of the great outdoors. Head on over to Curbly for the free downloadable file and happy planting!

xx Steph

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