Printable summer fruit gift bags

Printable summer fruit gift bags


Practically every DIY girl on the block has created a summer fruits project (all of which are fab I might add) and though I tried to be different at first, I’ve succumbed. This fruit thing is infectious. I mean, just look at all those colours, patterns and shapes – it’s too hard to resist!

So without further ado, I hereby give you my contribution to the fruit mania that’s swept over the craft scene and present you with some fruity gift bags! These bad boys are easy to make and really fun to look at. Best of all, you can fill them with your favourite party treats! Fun and practical – what’s not to love?



Step 1

Head on down to the bottom of this post and download the summer fruits gift bag printable, then print it onto white paper (copy paper will do, but if you can find nice quality paper, even better).

Then with your ruler and bone folder, score lines across your gift bags using markings provided. Don’t get too confused by all the lines – just make sure your ruler is positioned so that it connects two lines at opposite sides of the page, then score.


Step 2

Grab your scissors (or a ruler and craft knife) and cut out your gift bags.


Step 3

With the white side facing up, fold your gift bags along the score lines you created earlier.


Step 4

Apply double-sided tape or glue to the two short and two long tabs.


Step 5

Stick the short tabs down so that they adhere to the bottom of the bag.


Then stick the longer tabs to the sides of the bag.


Step 6

Your bag is almost done! All that’s left is to pinch the sides so that the bag tapers towards the top.


But wait there’s more!

If you’re making the pineapple gift bag, there’s an extra page in the printable file for the leaves. Print it out onto white paper, cut out the leaf shape and then stick double-sided tape (or glue) on the back towards the bottom of the leaves. Then all that’s left to do is to attach it to the green rectangular section at the top of your pineapple bag.




Okay, now you’re really finished and you have some totally rad, very fruity little gift bags for your next party!



Pretty nifty hey? I’m secretly thrilled with how these bags turned out, they’re just so colourful and tasty looking! I feel like I have to have a fruit-themed party soon just so I have an excuse to make lots of these little fellas and fill them with candy. Wanna join me? 🙂


Summer fruit gift bags printable

xx Steph

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