DIY moon garland

DIY moon garland


One thing I noticed a bit while wandering through Japan were the paintings, flags and wall hangings with moon motifs (there were even some hanging in our room at our Tokyo Airbnb).

Before I’d left to go overseas I was already totally smitten with the ‘phases of the moon’ craze that’s taken over the DIY world. So when you combine that with constantly being reminded of moon motifs in Japan, it’s no wonder I just had to get in on the action and make a moon project of my own when I got back!

And this one is as easy as they come folks… all you need is a paper punch, string and some gold sticker sheets. I got mine from the fabulous ladies at Light & Co, and let me just say these sticker sheets are the bomb. They’ve got a lovely subtle gold shine without being too glossy and they’re perfect for this project.

If you’ve got a moon hankering like I have, grab those supplies and let’s get crafting!


  • Gold sticker sheets from Light & Co
  • Circle paper punch (or a pair of scissors)
  • String


Step 1

Punch or cut out a series of circles. You can use scissors if you don’t have a punch, I just prefer punches as they’re quicker and more even than cutting circles by hand.



Step 2

Get two of your circles, face them back to back and punch out a section from both using the circle punch you used earlier (or you can use scissors). This will create crescent moon shapes in both circles.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a reason it’s best to punch out the crescent moon shapes in pairs rather than doing one moon at a time. By punching two at once, you’ll ensure the shapes of both moons match when you stick them back to back (which is what we’ll be doing in the next step).



Step 3

Using the pair of crescent moons you just made, lay one moon with the backing paper face-up and peel a little of the backing away from the corner of the moon. Then place your string on top.


Peel a little of the backing paper away from the second moon and stick the tips of the two moons together so that they line up nicely and cover the string.


Once you’re happy with how you’ve lined them up, peel the remainder of the backing paper away from both moons and seal them together.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 with all your circles you’ve got a nice garland of little moons.





How easy was that? Best of all, this garland doesn’t require any messy glues or sewing because the stickers do all the work for you!

And you don’t have to restrict yourself to crescents either – you could do a phases of the moon garland by making each of the moons fatter until they become half a circle and then use a complete circle for the full moon. There you go, loads of lunar fun 🙂

xx Steph

A little note: This post was created in partnership with Light & Co. All opinions, the project and photos are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Make and Tell!

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