DIY clay gift tags

DIY clay gift tags


I went a bit batty after finding that Fimo Air Clay comes in a light form. It’s beyond fantastic, and my mind immediately exploded with all the project possibilities. Seriously. You could use it anywhere! I’ve already got a list of DIYs up my sleeve for this new toy, but as a nice (and not too crazy) start, I thought I’d share this easy-as-pie clay gift tag set.

If you like to your gift wrapping to come with a twist but don’t want to exert too much effort, then follow along below … it’s easy, I promise!


  • Fimo air light clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie cutters in two different sizes (any shape will do)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Twine for tying
  • A present! 🙂


Step 1

Using a rolling pin, roll out the fimo so that it’s about 5mm thick. Then grab the larger cookie cutter and cut out three shapes (in this case, triangles).

Step 2

Poke holes at the top and bottom of each shape for the twine to go through later. I did this using my old math compass, but you could also use a skewer or anything pointy really.

Step 3

Using the smaller cookie cutter, created an outline in the middle of your shapes. This just requires a light press – make sure you don’t push down too hard otherwise you’ll go all the way through!

Once this is done, leave your shapes to air dry (depending on the clay you’ve got, you might be able to microwave it instead – I’m impatient so naturally this was the method I chose). Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure they dry properly.


Step 4

Once your shapes have hardened, paint the middles black, using the outline you created earlier as a guide. Then leave the shapes for a bit while the paint dries. I found if you’re using acrylic paint, this doesn’t take long (mine took no more than 5 minutes).


Step 5

Lastly, thread twine through the holes and tie the whole bundle around your gift.



And there you have it! A unique way to wrap gifts that’s easy (and totally fun) to make, solid but still light enough for present wrapping, and doesn’t cost the earth.

xx Steph

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