Printable ice cream gift wrap

Printable ice cream gift wrap


It’s happened again, I’ve turned a year older (seems to come around faster every year, no?). It’s getting to the stage now where I’m not sure whether I should stress out because I’m ageing or rejoice because I get to eat cake. Also, I’m at that wonderful point in my not-so-youthful years where I’m starting to forget exactly how old I am. I had to stand in front of the mirror today and remind myself I’m now 32. Eek!

Ageing complex aside, birthdays call for lots of good things. Like the aforementioned cake. And ice-cream! So I’ve created a nifty little printable for those of you having birthdays or those of you who know someone with a birthday coming up, or heck, for those of you who just like ice cream. 🙂


All you need to do is head on down to the end of the post, download the file and print it out onto white copy paper.




Don’t forget, ice-cream gift wrap goes best with actual ice-cream. And donuts. And cake. How else are you going to stop yourself from thinking about food while you do your wrapping? Yes, I may indeed have a problem (I’m eating chips while I write this… don’t judge me).


Ice cream and candy stripes gift wrap printable

xx Steph


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