Fun new designs in store!

Fun new designs in store!

Blossom clock - Make and Tell on Society6

It’s funny how our minds work. I posted last week about how I was in the biggest creative rut; I had too many ideas and not enough time, which felt so overwhelming that I just stopped making altogether.

Rainbow travel mug - Make and Tell on Society6

Then as soon as I shared that, it was like a weight had been lifted. The fog cleared from my brain and since then, I’ve been drawing every night (where before I hadn’t picked up a pencil in weeks).

Dreamer throw pillow - Make and Tell on Society6

The moral of the story? Sometimes it helps to have a good whinge. 😉 And the happy end result is that I’ve suddenly got lots of new designs in my Society6 store, hurrah!

Wildflower backpack - Make and Tell on Society6

Bouquet tote bag - Make and Tell on Society6

As fate would have it, Society6 has just released a whole bunch of new products (including furniture guys, what!) so you can now get pretty patterns on stools and credenzas as well as on your throws and pillows.

In my shoes framed art - Make and Tell on Society6

What you think of the new designs? I’m curious to know whether you prefer patterns or illustrations and which colours you like best. Every bit of feedback helps me to create prints you love, so thank you in advance!

xx Steph

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