Friday faves | 24.10.14

Friday faves | 24.10.14

friday faves 24.10.14

Ah yay, it’s Friday. How’s your week been? I have to say, the days have been just lovely lately – I haven’t been run off my feet or super stressed, which is a big change for me!

And as an added bonus, my extended family has come out to visit! Practically all of them live in South Africa, so when I heard they’d decided to head on a group trip to Australia this year I was so excited!

Having them around makes me realise what it was like for my mum growing up. She had a massive family with lots of noise and tons of activity – a huge contrast to our quiet family of four. I think she misses it sometimes. For me, it’s a total change in pace – I’m an introvert and quiet by nature so all the bustling can be a bit overwhelming. But it’s been truly fab getting to know my cousins again – there’s been at least 15 years between visits so we have lots to catch up on!

The photo above was taken on our outing last weekend. My fave moment of the week. 🙂

In other news, there’s been so many jaw-droppingly awesome things doing the rounds on the internet it’s been hard to choose my faves. Here are the highlights:

  • ART – I’ve not seen collages this delicate and breathtakingly beautiful before. This artist has my heart (via HonestlyWTF).
  • EATS – Must. resist. giant. brownie. Ah, who am I kidding, this edible wonder is waaay to good to pass up. Gimme!
  • WEAR – Not at all sure I could rock a cape the way this gal does, but it sure does look great.
  • MAKE – Loving the bold, vibrant colours in this DIY and the clever use of materials two ways.

xx Steph

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