Friday faves | 24.06.16

Friday faves | 24.06.16

Desk messes and life lately

It’s funny how we can so easily take life’s blessings for granted sometimes, until suddenly the things that we depend on are no longer there. I’ve been feeling this on a small scale this week, and even though it’s over something quite minor, it’s bummed me out a lot.

The thing that I’ve been taking for granted lately is my health. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t look after myself the way I should; I eat all sorts of junk, I don’t exercise much and I guess just hope for the best where my body is concerned. But over the past few weeks I’ve been battling a skin condition that’s now become severe enough that it’s challenging to leave the house and face the outside world without doing a whole lot of covering up first. I don’t know whether to blame the onset of winter, a poor diet or something else entirely, but the raw, painful discomfort and feeling like a freak has been enough to get me quite down lately.

And I totally realise that this isn’t anywhere in the realm of the health problems that others deal with like chronic pain, disability or mental illness. But that makes my reaction to it even more surprising; for something so small (and hopefully temporary), it’s sure had an effect on how I feel and function day to day.

Have you experienced something similar lately (or ever)? I’d really love to hear your stories of the things that make you feel blue or a time when you realise you’ve been taking something for granted. And sorry to be such a Debbie Downer this Friday, I’ll hopefully be back to my usual self very soon!

  • ART – I’ve seen a lot of crocheted wonders lately, but spaghetti marinara? Incredible.
  • WANTThis golden beauty. I want it like crazy.
  • MAKEBowls made out of confetti? Yes please!
  • WEAR – I’ve always been a fan of batwing sleeves and they don’t get much prettier than this.
  • EAT – As if I didn’t love sushi enough already, it’s even better when it comes in pink
  • RECAP – Let’s get our snail mail on! Grab a pen, download this rainbow letter paper and send your bffs a little love. 🙂

xx Steph

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