Friday faves | 20.05.16

Friday faves | 20.05.16

Cute wooden spoon and our favourite finds from the week

Hallo friends! My new wooden spoon and I wish you a very happy Friday. Actually though, I don’t know if she’s feeling very happy about things at all – she seems a bit concerned about what I might be up to in the kitchen (rightly so, I’m a terrible cook).

I got this little gem free as part of a campaign here in Australia to reduce the incidence of house fires and I’m pretty chuffed she’s now a part of my utensil collection regardless of how alarmed she appears. She might even encourage me to cook more? Ha, yeah right, wishful thinking… 😉

Instead of cooking this weekend, I’ll be spending time getting stuck into crafts with friends at a lovely crafternoon. Which is the best kind of afternoon as far as I’m concerned! I hope you’ve got some great plans ahead for the next two days and don’t forget to check out the links below for a good dose of pretty…

  • MAKE – I must start playing with bleach more. Odd statement yes, but just look at how beautiful it can make previously old, tired napkins!
  • WEAR – If I get this bag, I can have a fried egg with me at all times. Dream come true.
  • EATThese cakes are all my hypercolour, rainbow-lovin’, childhood birthday party fantasies made real.
  • DRINK – I’ve been getting into matcha a lot lately, so this iced latte is kinda the drink of my dreams right now
  • WANT – Society6 do beach towels now didya know? I’d mosey on over to get one because they look mighty fine, especially this toucan which is my personal fave.
  • RECAP – Got old bottles lying around? They make pretty fine vases if I do say so myself!

xx Steph

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