Friday faves | 17.11.17

Friday faves | 17.11.17

Strawberries and some favourite finds from the week!

Who else finds this to be a dangerous time for impulse buying? Each year is the same once November rolls around – that’s when I realise the holidays are fast approaching and I begin shopping in earnest, under the guise of ‘buying Christmas gifts’ and ‘being prepared for the festive season’.

In actual fact, what happens is I don’t buy any gifts at all and instead come home with unnecessary items for myself. Case in point: this week I acquired some copper teaspoons and a ceramic strawberry punnet. Why did I think I needed a ceramic strawberry punnet?! It sure looks good in photos though. 😀

If anyone’s free to come and physically restrain me on my next shopping trip, I’m accepting any and all offers. I’ll try to do the same for you, but I make no promises. After all, it’s quite possible your life would be vastly improved with the purchase of a ceramic strawberry punnet. 😉

xx Steph

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