Friday faves | 13.11.15

Friday faves | 13.11.15

Friday faves | 13.11.15

Okay, so the festive season may be as hectic as all get out, but interestingly that hasn’t meant that I’m enjoying it any less. In fact, I’m getting even more into the Christmas spirit than usual this year because of all the holiday projects I’ve been working on. Just look at the fun stuff I get to play with – sparkly pom poms, seeded eucalyptus, berries and baubles and bells oh my!

Don’t be surprised if these Friday link posts start to get decidedly festive over the coming weeks. I’m holding back at the moment, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep that up for. 😉

I hope you’ve been having a great week and here’s to an even greater weekend!

  • TRAVEL: Must, must, must get to Byron Bay one day (via SF Girl By Bay)
  • BAKE: For a novice baker like me, this list is essential
  • EAT: I don’t think I’ve ever wanted lollipops so much in my life
  • GAWK: Nature is amazing (via Colossal)
  • WANT: These are going straight on my Christmas wish list
  • WATCH: If you haven’t seen this already, prepared to have your heart melted
  • RECAP: Don’t forget to snag your very own leaf wall art. Oh, and get yourself some printable pie boxes… they make handing out leftovers as easy as pie. 😉

xx Steph

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