Friday faves | 08.05.15

Friday faves | 08.05.15


Believe it or not, I’m totally prepared for Mother’s Day this year (I know, try not to fall over in shock). My treat bags are filled and I’ve got a pretty plant gift ready and waiting, complete with a hand-illustrated card. But wouldn’t you know it, this just so happens to be the year my mum won’t be in the country for the big day so I’ll have to wait another week to give it all to her! Typical. 🙂

I can’t complain though… these lovely hyacinths will get to live on my desk for a little longer where I can breathe in their heavenly scent before I have to give them away. That’s a pretty good deal don’t you think?

I hope you’ve got some family fun booked in to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, but if by chance you find yourself with a little spare time, you should check out all the pretties in the links below!

  • WANT – It was (and still is) all about the eyes, but lately I’ve also jumped on board the hand craze. Don’t you just love this pouch?
  • MAKE – The bold colours and shapes in this painted tray are just lovely.
  • GROW – I (and everyone on Pinterest) has gone gaga over this cactus vase. Do you think there’s a way I could DIY one of my own?
  • EAT – Yes this recipe looks incredibly healthy. It also looks incredibly tasty. I think it might just be the best of both worlds!
  • DRINKTastiest beverage I’ve seen in ages.
  • RECAP – If you’re stuck for a gift for your mum, try decorating some treat bags and fill them with her favourite things to eat – trust me, it’ll go down a treat (ha, couldn’t help myself).

xx Steph

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