Friday faves | 05.12.14

Friday faves | 05.12.14


How’s your week been? As we approach Christmas, my weeks seem to get more and more frantic. Too many things to do, not enough time! Deep. Breaths.

On another note, did I tell you I’m going to be a bridesmaid in early Jan? Yeah that’s quite close now, which is a little crazy, but you know what? It’s kind of exciting too! This’ll be my first time as a bridesmaid and I’m looking forward to helping make the day go smoothly for my awesome friend. Also, I’m loving all the pretty things I now have an excuse to shop for – shoes, dresses, party decorations, oh my!

And as busy as the days have been, it hasn’t stopped me from finding lots of gorgeous things around the internet to drool over. I call it wedding/party planning. Also Christmas shopping. For myself (haha).

If you need some inspiration for your own Christmas lists (or as a present for your nearest and dearest), check out these beauties:

  • GROW – You know how much I love plants right? I was of the mind that they’re pretty spectacular all on their own, but then I saw these plant stands. They’re SO PRETTY that my plants may never touch solid ground again.
  • EAT – Naked cakes are lovely. But have you ever thought about dirty-icing? Perfection! This cake looks like it has brush strokes, and we all know how much I dig those 🙂
  • MAKE – This one’s not a new kid on the block, but it’s the first time I’ve come across it. If I loved ombre before, it wasn’t nearly as much as I do now.
  • WEAR – I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship with the whole eye trend. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I don’t. I think this ring just pushed me over to the ‘love’ side for good…
  • RECAP – Confetti and Christmas time totally go together, don’t you think? If you aren’t convinced, maybe you need to check out these confetti christmas decorations!

xx Steph

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