Friday faves | 05.09.14

Friday faves | 05.09.14


Friday’s finally here! I wasn’t entirely sure I’d make it to the weekend in one piece. What with a crazy day job, planning for my dad’s 70th, trying to fit in projects to share here and some design work on the side, I think it’s safe to say this week’s been nuts. But here we are and hey, look at that – it’s spring!

Sadly we’ve only had one day of truly beautiful spring weather so far, but that day was far and away my favourite part of the week. It felt so good to be enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and flowers. Bliss.

And my other faves this week? Here they are in all their gorgeous, drool-worthy, patterned splendour:

  • The name Teil Duncan has been on everyone’s lips lately and for good reason – her paintings are just incredible. And although I’m not quite cashed up enough to afford her beautiful pieces, a girl can always dream. Or save. This one’s at the top of my wishlist.
  • You may have gathered from past posts that I can’t cook to save my life. So I have a healthy dose of respect for anyone that can. And when someone comes along that can turn food into works of art like this? Well, there are no words.
  • A brush stroke clutch in candy colours? Um, you had me at brush stroke. Also it’s patterned inside, just in case the outside wasn’t enough to win you over!

xx Steph

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