Friday faves | 03.04.15

Friday faves | 03.04.15


Who else is breathing a huge sigh of contentment that we’ve finally reached the long weekend? By the time yesterday rolled around, I just couldn’t handle waiting anymore for the clock to tick over to 5pm… it was like being at school again and longing for the bell to ring!

Now that we’re finally here, I’m going to stuff my face with chocolate, catch up on reading and generally just relax. Bliss.

I hope you’ve got lots of amazing activities planned for the break (FYI – vegging out and watching movies totally counts as an amazing activity). And while you’re enjoying your downtime, why not check out the links below – there’s plenty to drool over, watch and make!

  • WATCH – How awesome was April Fools? This was my first time blogging through the 1st April and I had no idea so many bloggers got in on the fun. I totally have to think of something to prank you with next year, but in the meantime, this video had me in stitches!
  • EAT – These stop-me-in-my-tracks baked goods are stunning. And vegan. And Aussie. It doesn’t get any better than that.
  • GROW – I will never get tired of Luisa Brimble. Never ever. Her latest shot (just look at all those flowers) is picture perfect.
  • WANTED – Give me all the brush stroke things! I just love the colours, textures and flecks of gold in this cushion cover.
  • MAKE – I can’t get over how absolutely adorable these eggs are… they’re definitely my favourite easter DIY of the week.
  • RECAP – Did you catch the eye print cushion cover DIY I shared this week? The only materials you need are a toilet roll and some paint!

xx Steph

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