Friday faves | 02.01.15

Friday faves | 02.01.15

friday faves 02-01-15

So it turns out it’s kind of hard to choose a fave moment of the week when your whole week has been one big smorgasbord of eating, partying and fun in the sun. Yeah, I know… it’s a tough life I do lead. 😀

In all seriousness though, for an introvert like me it hasn’t entirely been a piece of cake… as much as I love hanging out with loads of people, it’s also been thoroughly exhausting. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

So with a nod big grateful hug to all the wonderful social moments of the holidays, my fave time would have to be just getting out to the sea, watching the sunset with close family and feeling peaceful.

And around the interwebs? Well I may have been on holiday, but others certainly weren’t – there’s been lots of great stuff coming out over the break, and my faves are below!

  • EAT: Cakes don’t come much more decadent than this one. Just looking at the pictures is making me drool…
  • MAKE: This one isn’t new, but it’s a garland made of felt and I loooove it. So simple, and classically pretty.
  • LIVE: After the craziness of the past week, I’d like nothing more than to sink into the armchair by the window in this room and read a good book. If my house looked like this, I’d never leave!
  • PARTY: Sequinned balls atop mini party hats? Brilliant! Do you think it’d be wrong if I wore one of these all year round?
  • WEAR: Okay, I know it’s the middle of summer, but how cozy does this fur coat look? I’d happily stay rugged up in that all winter long.
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