Friday fail | Clay crafting gone wrong!

Friday fail | Clay crafting gone wrong!

DIY fail - clay crafting

Happy Friday folks! I thought it might be fun to share a little DIY fail this week in lieu of my usual favourites post. After all, who doesn’t like having a bit of a sticky-beak when things go wrong? 😉

This broken ‘work of art’ was made a few weeks ago, at the same time that I was going through a string of other failed projects so I was short on time, trying to play catch-up and more than a little stressed out (when it rains it pours!).

I’d had the genius idea of making a basket out of woven strands of clay, which sounds great in theory, but as you can probably tell my execution left a lot to be desired. Mostly because the strands were too thin, plus I was trying to be clever and made them flat, which just added to their fragility.

I was also very stupidly working with clay in the sun; it’s winter over here so I was keeping myself warm, but let me tell you clay does much better when it’s not drying out from the harsh rays! The end result was a cracked, crumbling, ugly bowl that no amount of glazing or painting could save. Back to the drawing board!

Have you had any projects go belly-up lately? If you have, leave me a note in the comments below; I’d love to hear your story! 😉

xx Steph

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