My first 3 months as a mum

My first 3 months as a mum

Settling in - life with a baby, 3 months in

‘I hate my life’

Those were the words I muttered as I bent over, severely sleep deprived and covered in milk vomit, to pick up my screaming baby for the fifth time that hour.

I didn’t mean it of course. Not really. But the first 8 weeks of motherhood have been hard for this first time mama. It didn’t matter that parent after parent had made the same ‘save your sleep’ joke before I gave birth – I could have heard it a million times and still not have been prepared for how intense the transition to parenthood would be.

Unicorn baby clothes!

Thankfully, now that we’re almost 3 months in, things are slowly starting to fall into place. The days aren’t as difficult as they used to be and although each one brings new challenges, we’re beginning to find our rhythm and get accustomed to life together.

Best of all, with each moment that goes by Lauren learns something new and it makes all the tough times worthwhile. Last month she mastered smiling and this month it’s all about her hands and voice. We’ve been treated to cooing and cheesy grins as she tries to make conversation – I love how interactive she is these days!

Painting with sparkles - a project in the works
I’ve also managed to fit some creative work into each week and boy has it helped me to feel more ‘myself’ again. I’m only taking on one project at a time, but even that small amount has been a great outlet. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the designs I’m working on these days involve sequins – it’s impossible to be sad when you’re playing with sparkles! 🙂

I’m looking forward to what the coming months of motherhood will bring. Even though the journey has been hard, I love my little bubba to bits and watching her grow is easily the most rewarding part of my life.

Mamas and papas, share your stories with me so I know I’m not alone – I’d love to hear how you found your first foray into parenthood!

xx Steph

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