Hearts and kisses desktop wallpaper

Hearts and kisses desktop wallpaper

hearts and kisses desktop wallpaper

Helloooo February! As you read this I’m in Japan sight-seeing, skiing and eating all manner of splendid soups and seafood (don’t hate me) but I couldn’t leave you without a desktop wallpaper to kick off the month now could I?

And I hope the last project have got you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, because things are getting even more lovey dovey over here with lots of colourful hearts and a big old smooch! I know, I know, I’m a total sap but I love you guys to bits and am thrilled that you’re still reading while I’m away. Think of this as me sending you lots of kisses from across the globe. 🙂

Oh and don’t go anywhere because I’ve got some lovely projects to share with you over the next few weeks despite being out of the country… see, even travel can’t stop me from crafting like a mad woman!


Deck your desktop February 2015 widescreen (1900 x 1200 pixels)

Deck your desktop February 2015 fullscreen (1600 x 1200 pixels)

xx Steph

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