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Lately, I’ve had a serious case of the ‘blahs’. And I can’t explain it – work is fine, I’m loving everything blog-related, I spend plenty of quality time with friends and family, and I have the space to unwind at home, at cafes and the beach.

And yet I still feel… unsettled.

Do you ever get that way? Where there’s no real reason for feeling down in the dumps, but you find it hard to be content? Where you’re not just restless, but perhaps even… sad?

In a vicious cycle kind of way, this thought process makes things even worse because I SHOULD be happy given all the blessings I’ve been given, and I feel like I’m ungrateful for not being more cheerful.

I’d love to know your thoughts… what do you do to get out of slumps like this? Oh, and now that we’ve hit Friday, I wish you all a completely blah-free and happy weekend!

xx Steph

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  • Aw, I’m sorry for the blahs!! I totally get those too. I find it helps to get some music going! I like to listen to Vertical Church Band. 🙂 And also taking a break from looking around online or even (gasp!) social media will help clear my head and help me focus on the good stuff that’s right in front of me. I hope you feel better soon! (And um, that is the prettiest, most cheerful picture of the blahs ever! You’re on the right track…haha)!

    • Haha, glad you like the picture – I just couldn’t resist using flowers! And you know, you might be onto something with the music – I really haven’t been listening to much lately and it totally is a mood booster isn’t it? Might check out some tunes right now… thanks for your support lovely xx

  • I definitely get the blahs! I think all you can do is give yourself a little break from your responsibilities, pamper yourself a little, and make a good plan of action for when you’re feeling better. I often find that going for a run or forcing yourself to do something healthy can help :). I hope you feel better soon, and remember not to beat yourself up or feel guilty – it’s not your fault you feel blah.

    • I think you might be onto something there – working too hard is quite possibly a large part of how blah I feel lately, I just can’t seem to stop, especially as we head towards Christmas and everything gets busier. Thanks for the lovely advice and support Tamara, I’m going to try to find more of a balance in life, starting this weekend! 🙂

  • I get like this all the time! Everything is perfectly fine and yet you can’t help feeling like something is missing or wrong. I find exercise helps me best – a really difficult ballet class that totally absorbs my concentration and takes all my energy is best. Then I get that lovely exhausted contented slump on the sofa and the best night’s sleep and I feel ok again. It will pass, I promise!

    • Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way from time to time. And that’s a good point about exercising – I do often feel better after I’ve gotten out and moved around a bit (and the awesome night’s sleep is an added bonus!). Thanks for the advice Lizzie – definitely going to book in something active this weekend xx

  • Woah. This is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling recently. This week was especially blah. Lack of sleep is one thing I can admit, but I think also I haven’t been taking any time to myself just to chill and not think about anything, which is such a luxury these days. I don’t know if I ever fully escape from the blahs… I’ve always reasoned that it’s my way of staying on my toes and always reaching for more. Hm.
    Wishing you a blah-free weekend as well <3

    • Oh you poor thing – you’ve been so flat out these days I can totally see why you might have a case of the blahs! Interesting point about it making us reach out for more… maybe that’s us not settling? Either way, I hope you get time out to take care of you soon – you definitely deserve it! xx