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Candy crush mood board

donut purse | art | shoes | neck piece | storage Tasty colours. That’s the only way to describe this palette don’t you think? These shades make me daydream of all things delicious like sorbet, candy and summer parties by the pool. Mmmm yum! Lately I haven’t been able to get enough of this combo, especially now

Friday faves | 11.03.16

Ugh I tell you what, this year so far has wreaked havoc with my waistline. I’ve been eating dessert like there’s no tomorrow, I haven’t exercised for 3 months, and now it’s gotten to the point where I can’t fit into my pants. So there’s no avoiding it anymore – I’ve got to stop eating all the sugar. Which is

Fried eggs desktop wallpaper

Although I didn’t mean for it to happen, this month’s wallpaper ended up being a good illustration of how my mind tends to wander. For example, I’d originally intended to create an Easter themed design (because hello March!), which led me to think about chocolate. And that led to chocolate eggs, which caused me to

Friday faves | 25.02.16

Oh yeahhh, Fridays don’t get much better this! I got my bowl of macs and a G&T at the ready, now all I need is for that clock to tick past 5pm so that the party can start. … Okay, maybe that’s a lie. I’ll be eating macs and drinking gin, but I’ll also be

DIY fails

For every month’s worth of projects I post on this blog, there are at least one or two that get shelved because they didn’t work out or they need some serious revising. Sometimes having a DIY go wrong can be heartbreaking, especially when my creative juices are running dry and I have nothing else to post in

Friday faves | 03.04.15

Who else is breathing a huge sigh of contentment that we’ve finally reached the long weekend? By the time yesterday rolled around, I just couldn’t handle waiting anymore for the clock to tick over to 5pm… it was like being at school again and longing for the bell to ring! Now that we’re finally here, I’m going

Friday faves | 27.03.15

It’s Friday, yay! I’ve got no plans for the weekend other than taking it easy and looking forward to the short week ahead (and loooong weekend after that). Also, it’s almost Easter so you can bet I’ll be getting into chocolate everything. And pastel everything. There’s so many reasons to love this time of year

Printable speckled eggshell baskets for Claireabellemakes

One of the best parts about being a blogger is that every single day I get to chat to and work with incredible people I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. I know so many talented folk through the power of the interwebs, and one such gal is sweet Claire from Claireabellemakes.

Friday faves | 20.03.15

So, a few things. Firstly, boy am I glad it’s Friday. Secondly, I just ate a whole packet of speckled M&M easter eggs while I wrote this post. Thirdly, I started exercising again this week after a 3 month hiatus (you can see why I needed to start doing something active, yes?). I’m not really sure