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Newsletter freebie – February 2017 calendar

The month of lurrrve is here and while I don’t usually go in for all that sappy Valentine’s Day stuff, this year I couldn’t resist embracing them traditional Valentine’s colours. You know what I’m like lately – when those pretty shades of pink call, I just. can’t. say. no. And I didn’t stop there either,

Friday faves | 20.01.17

Whew it’s been a hectic week. Or month rather – this is one of those Januarys that’s been jam packed with lots of new opportunities and goal setting for the year to come. I suppose that’s what the start of the year is for right? And while part of me is exhausted and ready for a nice nap, I have

Printable conversation heart planner stickers

I tell you what, this is a confusing time of year to be making printables! On the one hand I wanted to share something that’d help us get organised because hey it’s a new year, and if you’re anything like me, I need all the help I can get! But on the other hand, it’s

Friday faves | 05.02.15

Hands up if you need a drink (or ten)? Haha, okay maybe things aren’t as bad as all that, but it’s been one of those weeks and I’m definitely glad to see Friday roll around. The good news is that I’m catching up with some old friends this evening and then just chilling the heck out

Marble love

It’s funny how I’m cool with pink all throughout the year, but come Valentine’s day, it’s the last colour I want to work with. Ha I’m so contrary. If you’re like me and you need a little break from the pink and red overload at this time of year, see below to get some black, white and

Hearts and kisses desktop wallpaper

Helloooo February! As you read this I’m in Japan sight-seeing, skiing and eating all manner of splendid soups and seafood (don’t hate me) but I couldn’t leave you without a desktop wallpaper to kick off the month now could I? And I hope the last project have got you in the mood for Valentine’s Day, because