Newsletter freebie – March 2017 calendar

Printable March 2017 rainbow calendar
Here’s a fun fact. I’m typing this post 2 weeks in advance as I sit in 40°C (104°F) Aussie summer heat, knowing full well that by the time you read this I’ll be in Japan, playing about in the freezing snow. AND I themed today’s printable around the colourful, rainy autumn conditions I expect to return to when we get back from our holiday.

Three seasons in one post. How’s that for a head spin?

Printable March 2017 rainbow calendar

Despite being a summer girl through and through, I’m really looking forward to autumn this year. Being pregnant and sweltering through way too many hot days is making me cranky, so I can’t wait for the showers and mild weather that autumn usually brings.

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xx Steph

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