Newsletter freebie – grocery list printable

Grocery list printable - free with this month's newsletter!

Is everyone still getting themselves organised for the new year or are you over caring now that February’s rolled around? It may already be the second month of the year (eek where has the time gone?) but I’ve still got my head firmly in the ‘get life sorted’ game.

Grocery list printable - free with this month's newsletter!

And while it sounds like a trivial thing to bother about, nothing helps me feel more organised than having a completed grocery list and a full fridge of food to start the week. Believe it or not, it actually helps to lower my stress levels!

After all, a well-thought-out list saves a world of time at the store and having food at the ready stops me from eating the take-out that I love soooo dearly but know I shouldn’t have.

Grocery list printable - free with this month's newsletter!

If you’re the same way, then perhaps a pretty printable will encourage you to write out your groceries for the week before you head out to the shops. It’s certainly worked for me!

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xx Steph

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