DIY minimal holiday wreath for Curbly

DIY minimal holiday wreath

It’s funny how the holidays can get some people (i.e. me) excited about the smallest of things. Take this wreath for instance; I’ve been wanting to make myself one for the longest time, and now that I’ve done so, I’ve been stupidly happy all week because I’ve finally got something pretty to hang on our front door. I guess there’s a reason it’s called the silly season!

DIY minimal holiday wreath

DIY minimal holiday wreath

If you want in on the wreath-making action, visit Curbly for the full tutorial. Oh and don’t be discouraged if you haven’t made one before… this is one super simple DIY. Plus you get to play with pretty foliage, which is always a win in my book. Head on over to get your craft on! 😉

xx Steph



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