About the girl

Hi, I’m Steph and I love to make things. Give me some paper, paint and a pair of scissors and you can guarantee I’ll be entertained for hours. Add confetti to that mix and I’ll totally be your best friend for life!

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I’m lucky to be married to my best friend, with a little one on the way. When I’m not making a mess with craft supplies, I enjoy nothing better than lazing about on the sandy beaches and at the lovely cafes that surround my home.

About the blog

Make and Tell is a design and lifestyle site that celebrates all things colourful, creative and handmade. Founded in 2014, our focus is to share craft projects and artistic resources that brighten your day and make life just a little more beautiful. If you leave this site filled with inspiration and armed with new ways to create, then I’m a happy gal!

Known for its colourful and playful style, Make and Tell has partnered with brands like Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Mollie Magazine and The Reject Shop to come up with unique, fun ways to DIY.

Our favourite projects

Feeling inspired and want to try out some of our most popular projects? Look no further, they’re right below for your crafting pleasure!

  • DIY printable mermaid tail cake toppers
    Mermaid tail cake toppers
  • Life happens coffee helps free printable wall art
    Coffee helps printable poster
  • DIY shrink plastic rainbow necklaces with free printable!
    Rainbow shrink plastic necklaces
  • Printable colourful diary and planner stickers
    Colourful printable diary stickers