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Friday faves | The easter edition

Who else is pumped for easter? I know it’s Good Friday today and I’m supposed to be on holiday, but I couldn’t resist posting some of my favourite easter projects before I sign off – there are some really awesome ones doing the rounds lately that I’ve been dying to share. We haven’t got much planned

DIY treat-filled plastic egg easter bunnies

You may have noticed I’ve had bunnies on the brain lately and my obsession with our furry little friends shows no signs of abating! This time around, I thought it’d be fun to combine them with chocolate because hey, if there’s one thing better than a cute easter rabbit, it’s one that’s filled with sugar

Ice cream easter egg desktop and ipad wallpaper

I’ve always loved designing Easter patterns. Partly because this time of year just makes me happy with all its pretty, bright spring colours. But also because when I work on Easter-themed designs, it feels like I’m indulging my sweet tooth without the calories. You know what I mean? Regardless, it’s certainly better for my waistline,

DIY printable easter bunny boxes

I don’t know why, but these days there’s something about bunnies that has me going completely gaga. Maybe it’s because they’re so darn freakin’ cute? Or perhaps it’s because they’re so darn freakin’ cute AND I’m nesting/clucky/hormonal from being pregnant. Either way, little rabbits are becoming a hard and fast favourite in my book, so I’ve got

This + that | Happy Easter!

Just popping in to wish my favourite people (yes you!) a very Happy Easter. 🙂 Before we break for the glorious long weekend ahead, I wanted to share what’s been happening over the last week because there’s been some changes afoot and life as I know it has gotten quite topsy turvy!

Bunny eggs and printable easter basket for The Reject Shop

Guys it’s Eaaaaster week. Are you ready for copious amounts of chocolate and oodles of holidays? I sure as heck am! Before the festivities start though, I’m got one last Easter craft to share with you that’ll be sure to add a whole lot of cuteness to the long weekend ahead… without further ado, let me introduce you to my

Printable Easter cones for Curbly

Can you believe that Easter’s right around the corner? If I’m being honest, the fact that time has passed so quickly since January is kind of making my head whirl. But on the plus side, it means the Easter long weekend is that much closer which I’m a-okay with! If you’re looking for a super quick Easter DIY

Origami rabbit Easter desktop wallpaper

Who’s looking forward to Easter? I for one am totally ready for a four day weekend, loads of chocolate and the celebration of new life (not necessarily in that order). Bring it on! There’s so much I love about this holiday, but the one thing that has me going gaga above all else (except maybe the chocolate) are the super

Friday faves | 06.04.18

This week has brought with it some interesting contrasts. On the one hand, it seems almost too quiet after the activity of the recent break. We went on our first family vacation over Easter, and Lauren got to experience what it’s like to wake up surrounded by cousins, aunts and uncles. Our little socialite had